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The Plot is a weekly newsletter that will make you a better data storyteller. Here we explore projects, reflect on ideas, and learn tips that can help you improve your work. With each edition, we aim to inspire you and provide practical tricks you can implement right away.

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  • You communicate data in your work (or hobby!),

  • You understand that data communication and design is a multi-disciplinary field,

  • You like diving deep into projects, big and small, and love learning new things.

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Each edition of The Plot will reach your inbox on Thursday at 3 pm CET. The posts will be delivered right to your (virtual) doorstep, but you can also access all of them here as they are published. The linked page includes all the archives too!

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👩🏻‍💻 The Who

I’m Evelina, a data storytelling and design expert based in Paris, France. Like most people in this field, I didn't start my career doing data communication or design. I went through a journey of learning the intricacies of finance, the thrills of event design, and the joys of public speaking before I fell in love with data visualisation. My experience in these different fields allows me to create unique and robust data stories and also fuels this newsletter.

Today, I run Parabole Studio, where we help mission-driven organisations communicate their impact through engaging data stories. Our clients span from large companies to startups, agencies, and NGOs. We design impact reports and infographics, run trainings, and even contribute to physical dataviz projects like this one.

If you’d like to grab a (virtual) coffee or tea and chat, feel free to reach out!

All the best,
Evelina Judeikytė
(pronounced yu-day-key-tay)

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I'm an information designer & storyteller, founder of Parabole Studio based in Paris. We help mission-driven organisations communicate their impact through engaging data stories.